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drut. is a robotics-based automation GRC platform designed with seamless automation of data collection, data processing, visualization, and reporting capabilities. It aims to elevate both customer and employee experience through robotic process automation (RPA) for all areas in technology infrastructure, so that you can devote your time to tasks requiring complex human judgment and dedication.

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As humans, there is a finite number of tasks that we can accomplish in a day, before one reaches a point of saturation or exhaustion. This then leads to an increase in the margin of errors, and can also lead to customers feeling dissatisfied with the service provided. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, we can now delegate these tasks to more capable bots who can work infinitely faster, and tirelessly! Having more tasks accomplished with no margin of error can help you make the most of your day, and leave more of your customers satisfied. Apart from this you can conserve the energy of your human employees, who can then devote their time towards more creative thought processes, such as – innovation, business development, and more!

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Firewall rule validation for a leading telecom
service provider
for 300+ firewalls,
0.2 million rules, 30+controls

Automated control monitoring for a
global conglomerate
encompassing 25+ businesses,
20+ applications, 3000+ controls

Digitisation of review for User access and
segregation of duties control for large retail chain

with more than 1500+ employees, 70+ functions,
500+ roles, 150+ controls

Digital transformation of 25+ finance processes
in a large telecom infrastructure company


Can drut. access be provided to Auditors?

drut. has an in-built role-based access module allowing you to control who has access to the platform. Access to auditors can be granted to view only exceptions of related audit processes and streamline the audit procedure.

Is drut. solution limited to organizations from specific countries?

drut. is a global product and not limited to organizations from specific countries. We have provided a robust information security system to assist the organization in complying with the standards/regulations/policies applicable for their business requirements like ISO, NIST, PCI DSS, NESA, SAMA, MAS etc.

What are the benefits of using automated risk assessments?

drut’s case management provides automated workflows for conducting risk assessments and executing treatment plans for risk remediation, acceptance, transference, or avoidance. This Frees up your teams from time-consuming manual work and optimizes their bandwidth. Moreover, this improves visibility into an organization’s risk posture by automatically re-scoring risks in response to updates in related risks.

Some of the key benefits are:
  • Improved security posture
  • Optimized policies and procedures
  • 100% Assurance
  • Reduced fines and penalties

How does drut. help build a robust security program?

drut. platform helps organizations to strengthen their security posture and improve their risk management. Automated procedures for collecting and identifying evolving risks, and continuously monitoring the environment to track misconfigurations help organizations maintain overall information security.

Does drut. support various frameworks?

drut. helps you manage compliances to various internationally recognized information security frameworks. drut. support include, but are not limited to: ISO 270071, PCI DSS, NIST. You can also define your custom controls to map regulatory compliances such as ADHICS, SAMA, MAS, RBI, NESA and organizational policies.

How can drut. help me manage my compliances?

drut. is a single platform to manage all compliance-related tasks. With an inbuilt library of 100+ risk control vetted by our in-house infosec experts. drut. integrates across IT solutions to automate evidence collection and analyse data for compliance monitoring. The risk control library is mapped to various information security frameworks to provide organization wide compliance status.

How can i use the inbuilt RCMs to manage technology risks?

drut. allows organizations to build and develop their own risk registers to align with their IS policies or international standards, regulatory compliances etc. However, you can use from the inbuilt risk library or build custom risk, decide the control to be validated, assign the exception workflow – all in one place through drut’s tech bots.

How does the drut. help Tech Risk Management?

drut. provides a unified platform to help you identify, assess, and consolidate the status of IT and cyber risk. It gives organizations the awareness required to stay ahead of threats and conveys the consequences of risk on high-priority strategic priorities. It’s quick and easy to create new IT risk programs to better avoid, control, and mitigate risk with built-in scoring methodologies, expert-provided inherent risk scores, and automated workflows.